Stephanie is speaking at Ark Group’s KM Legal Europe in January 2015. The conference is happening in Amsterdam on January 28-29 and promises to explore how law firms can lead and support the KM system by truly embedding knowledge sharing.

Stephanie will be speaking on the second day of the conference and will be
discussing how IT tools can help KM to fulfill its goals. This includes such things as how to select the right technology to support a KM strategy and lessons learned from both law firms and other organizations.

You can find out more about the conference and register here

In our upcoming talk on Sunday at the American Association of Law Libraries conference, I will be recommending that legal information professionals read from knowledge management thought leaders, whether inside the law industry or from other industries.

To get them (and you) started, here are a few of my favourite KM blogs:

What are your favourite KM blogs? Any thought leaders I have missed?  It looks like I could especially use some more female perspectives!

Would you like to grab all of the feeds at once? I have put together an OPML file–i.e. a little file of RSS feed links that can be imported into your feed reader–that includes all of these blog feeds: Connie’s KM blog roll (note: an RTF file will download when you click on the link).  I have taken the liberty of adding our blogs to it as well. It’s my first time using feed reader feedly to create an OPML file, so would love to hear how it works for you.