Stephanie is speaking at Ark Group’s KM Legal Europe in January 2015. The conference is happening in Amsterdam on January 28-29 and promises to explore how law firms can lead and support the KM system by truly embedding knowledge sharing.

Stephanie will be speaking on the second day of the conference and will be
discussing how IT tools can help KM to fulfill its goals. This includes such things as how to select the right technology to support a KM strategy and lessons learned from both law firms and other organizations.

You can find out more about the conference and register here

We have completed our beta-testing and want to thank our participants, your feedback was very valuable and helped us refine the process and the strategy output documentation.

We with the publishing of this post we announce the launch of this Law Firm KM assessment service and look forward to working with you to create a strategy for KM at your law firm.

Please get in touch through the email addresses on the About page or through the comments on this blog.

Stephanie and Connie

What is Knowledge Management (KM)?
Connecting people to the knowledge they need to do their jobs, whether that knowledge is tacit (in people’s heads) or explicit (documented). The best practice approach is to balance people, process and technology where technology enables people and process, and they are all tied together with a strategy.

What is Law Firm KM?
We have developed an automated KM assessment checklist supplemented with optional coaching with experienced KM consultants to allow small and medium sized firms to plan and develop their own KM programs. The service starts with a one-day investment of your time in working through the checklists with us. The output is a list of responses with a detailed list of potential activities customized and prioritized for your firm.

KM checklist software
We have partnered with Next!Solutions to develop our automated checklists. This Internet-based system was originally developed for and has been successfully used in the transportation industry. We are adapting it for use in the legal industry.

This private web-based checklist tool is used to store only checklist responses for each organization. We will not be storing proprietary firm or confidential client data on this site. Aside from use of this checklist system, we are technology neutral. We will work with your existing systems to make recommendations.