May 12, 2012:

The pilot has started and will be continuing over the next few weeks. If you were accepted into the pilot you should have received an email from us asking to set-up at time to do the assessment. If you didn’t receive an email please feel free to get in touch with us. Through this site or our email addresses.

Being known as a law librarian and Knowledge Management consultant, I was being approached by smaller firms that recognized they could benefit from using KM processes. However, I soon discovered the consulting fee was a barrier to getting them started. So, I invited fellow KM consultant Stephanie Barnes to help me put together a coaching system that would allow firms to do their own KM work with our guidance as needed. While we were developing this concept, Stephanie was approached by Next!Solutions to review their KM checklist system. This technology seemed to be a good match with what we were doing, so we decided to develop and test our process using their system. We hope you agree this new concept makes implementation of KM more attainable for your firm and provides you with real value.

Connie Crosby

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